Legislative changes from 1st July 2023


Legislative changes from 1st July 2023

Minimum wage increase and STIPP pension scheme

1 January and 1 July are two standard dates in the year when a lot of laws and regulations change. On 1 July 2023, a number of important changes also follow.

Minimun wage

For instance, the gross minimum wage will rise to €1995.00 per month. That means that in July 2023, the minimum wage per hour will increase to:

  • €12.12 from €11.75 for a 38-hour CAO
  • €11.51 from €11.16 for a 40-hour CAO

STIPP pension scheme

When you work at Green Talent, you are covered by the STIPP pension plan. Normally, there was a waiting period of 8 weeks to join the pension plan. From 1 July, this waiting period will disappear and you will build up your pension directly from the first working day.