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We have job offers for couples, singles, men and women, full-time, also with the possibility of working overtime, seasonal as well as year-round jobs. Do you have experience and communicate in a foreign language? Great! You have no experience and you speak English? Also great! At Green Talent, we need you!

The most important thing is to deliver the appropriate quality of work at the pace required by the employer. The following competences are important here: motivation, punctuality, communication and functioning in a multicultural work environment. Remember to smile :) If your performance exceeds the standards, you may receive a bonus to your salary.

View our job offers in horticulture, logistics, production, administration and contact us! We also speak English!

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Green Talent offers its employees excellent accommodation. The houses are fully furnished and consist of a living room, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. The equipment of the apartments includes such things as: a washing machine, fridge, freezer, microwave oven, cooker and a Smart TV. Each house has Internet access.

Couples are always placed in a room together so that they can enjoy their privacy. People coming alone or with friends also receive cozy, double or single rooms. We make every effort not to separate people who come to work together, so that it is easier for them to adapt to the new environment in the first days of their stay.

All Green Talent accommodations meet the housing standards of the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF). This institution carries out regular inspections to make sure that all standards are met. Click here to view our SNF certificate.

Employment office in the Netherlands


Green Talent has its own car fleet, which consists of both new and used cars. They are available to workers who commute to work. You can also use the car for private purposes.

We do everything we can to ensure that transport to work is smoothly organized. Therefore, we always take care of a clear and understandable transportation plan and a sufficient number of available vehicles.

In most cases, one of the employees takes the role of the driver. We also require all passengers to keep the car in good condition and clean. Both the driver and the passengers are entitled to private use of the car in their free time.

Employment office in the Netherlands

Free time

Green Talent offers you the opportunity to embark on an international adventure.

You can work with friends, family or partner in the Netherlands and enjoy your free time together. With a company car, you can get to know the area, do some sightseeing and visit friends from work.

Contact a Green Talent employee who will answer all your questions.

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3. Signing the documents

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4. Transport to the Netherlands

Together we will plan your trip to the Netherlands and stay in touch by: phone, Whatsapp, Messenger, e-mail, etc.


5. Welcome

Come to the Green Talent office in the Netherlands. Our staff will inform you about all the important matters. If you do not have a BSN (tax number), we will help you get one. We will take you to your accommodation and organize transport to work.

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We take good care of our employees



Your wage is transferred after the first working week.


We provide our employees with fully equipped living quarters.


We have company cars at our disposal, which you can use to commute to work. You can also use the car for private purposes.


We will be happy to help you arrange your health insurance. We will also submit a grant application on your behalf (Zorgtoeslag). You will receive a large part of the paid premiums back from the Dutch tax office.


All flats are equipped with a Smart TV and have an internet connection. Visit interesting places using the company car.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

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Applications can be submitted directly on the Green Talent website. Fill out our application form.

Usually, future employees organize transport to the Netherlands on their own. There are many transport companies on the market. Their contact details are publicly available on the Internet.

If you need additional information on this subject, please ask our recruiter.

We have various types of accommodation.

We have houses, apartments and hotels. The rooms are mostly double. Sometimes single rooms are available. We make sure that the kitchen is fully equipped in each accommodation. Our houses also have Smart TV and an Internet connection.

Our accommodation meet the housing standards for temporary workers. We have the SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen) certificate.

Green Talent works with a phase system prepared by the NBBU.

When starting work at Green Talent for the first time, you will receive a phase A contract. It is a type of contract for a definite period of up to 52 worked weeks.

When this contract expires, you will receive a phase B contract. You can receive this type of contract up to 6 times, for a total period of 3 years.

Then you sign a phase C contract. It is a contract for an indefinite period. Thanks to the phases system, you can work flexibly for 4 years and then become a permanent employee.

The salary depends on the job you will preform and on the experience you have. In each advertisement, we include the offered rate for a given position.

Green Talent pays the salary for the previous week every Friday. Dutch account holders receive their salary on the same day, while foregin account holders can expect the transfer on Mondays.

Your pay slip will be available online through our digital portal. You receive the login and password together with signing the contract.

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