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About Green Talent

We are an employment agency operating in the horticulture, agriculture, food and logistics sectors.

We started our activity in 2009. From the very beginning, we have been focusing on delegating workers to companies in the greenhouse sector. That industry is still in the center of our business, but we have also expanded our activity to other sectors, such as production and logistics.

We operate in the Netherlands in the regions of West Brabant, Westland and Zealand. Our employees come from Eastern European countries, mainly from Poland and Romania, and we work from our headquarters in Steenbergen.

In 2020, we've opened our first branch in Poland, in Przemyśl.


This is us

Our 28-person team is divided into 3 main departments:

The Front Office consists of Recruitment, Helpdesk and Planning divisions. Your first contact with Green Talent begins with a conversation with the Recruitment employee. It is they who agree on the terms of employment with the candidate. Upon arrival, the communication is taken over by the Helpdesk staff. You can turn to them with any question or problem. The Planning Department takes care of the proper course of the work delegation, allocation to accommodation and commuting.

The Back Office deals with the general administration related to the payment of salaries.

The Relations Department supervises the proper course of cooperation between the companies and workers. You will regularly meet our representatives at your workplace.

In addition, the 4homes team watches over the quality of our employee flats. On behalf of Green Talent, they also carry out periodic inspections of the accommodations and take care of their functionality and the furnishing.

Job offers in the Netherlands

The team

Here are our professionals

Sander Kooij

General Manager Sent an email

Reinier de Groot

Operational Manager Sent an email

Jos Geelhoed

Real Estate Coordinator Sent an email

Olav Baltussen

Customer Relationship Manager Sent an email

Aleksandra Senyuva

Customer Relationship Employee Sent an email

Marta Graczak

Customer Relationship Employee Sent an email

Jarosław Stasieczek

Recruiter Polish in Przemyśl Sent an email

Ewa Konstantakos

Planner Sent an email

Anna Maicher

Senior Planner Sent an email

Wioleta Lubas

Recruiter Polish Sent an email

Elżbieta Balicka

Recruiter Polish & English Sent an email

Katarzyna Cybulska

Recruiter Polish & English Sent an email

Tomasz Wiech

Recruiter Polish in Przemyśl Sent an email

Mirela Mircia

Recruiter Romania Sent an email

Patrycja Krztuk

Helpdesk Polish & English Sent an email

Magdalena Geluk

Helpdesk Polish & English Sent an email

Ioana van Hoof

Helpdesk Romanian & English Sent an email

Agnieszka Misch

Helpdesk Polish & English Sent an email

Dawid Jackowski

Front Office Field Employee Sent an email

Daniel Martowicz

Field Employee Transport Sent an email

Yescolly Gaete Salfate

Junior Marketing & Social Media Sent an email

Suzanne van Leengoed

Main Salary Administrator Sent an email

Chantal Janzen

Salary Administrator Sent an email

Virginia Slokkers

Accounting Employee Sent an email

Nhu-Hanh Nguyen

Junior Controller Sent an email

Iris Hak - Kooij

Real Estate Inspector Sent an email

Marek Strzecha

Field Employee Housing Sent an email

Peter Kromwijk

Handyman Sent an email

Sharon van Loenhout

Back Office Employee Housing Sent an email

Good people

The heart of our organization

Good people

"Good people" are the heart of our organization. Good people are not afraid to take responsibility, take up challenges and fulfill made appointments.

Why is it so good to work with Green Talent? It's very simple - we do everything we can to make our employees feel good with us. Thanks to this, they are motivated to work. We help in organizing work-related administration and we offer additional help, such as e.g. going to the doctor in case of an illness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer professional, reliable and friendly cooperation to both employees and employers. We want to establish a cooperation in which each party - employee, employer, broker - can trust each other and show mutual respect.

Our experienced team constantly monitors the course of proper cooperation. Reliability, hospitality and honesty are our priorities. We do everything to ensure that our employees feel safe and employers are satisfied with their employees.

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