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Sing up with Green Talent

There are many ways to contact us. You can register directly on the Green Talent website. We also invite you visit our branch in Steenbergen (NL). Our employees will be happy to help with the registration. You can find the addresses of the offices on this site on the Contact page.

Do you prefer calling? Our English-speaking recruiters are waiting for your call: +31 167 745022.

Do you want to write us? Send your CV to this e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Our recruiter will tell you exactly what to do to come to work with Green Talent.

If you have already selected a job offer and agreed on the conditions of your arrival, the recruiter will ask you to prepare these documents necessary for employment:

  • a valid identity document (ID card or passport)
  • a presonal bank account number (the account can be in a Dutch or a foreign bank, in euro currency). We must receive the account number in a form of a document/contract from the bank or a printscreen of the online account environment, where the account number and the name of the owner are visible
  • if you have - the BSN number (a Dutch social security number). If you are coming to work in the Netherlands for the first time, Green Talent will help you obtain a BSN number

In addition to these documents, please also provide us with:

  • your phone number
  • your e-mail address
  • the exact address of your registration and stay
  • a complete CV or employment history for the last 2 years as well as the name of the school you most recently graduated from
  • if you have - driving license
  • if needed - course completion certificates (e.g. for front or side forklift operator)

We emphasize that we properly handle all employee documentation. We comply with all the rules of AVG (the Dutch GDPR). You can be sure that your personal data is kept securely.

No, just contact us and let us know that you wish to return. You can call or write us. We will inform you about the present offers and update your profile. Notify us if your personal situation has changed (e.g. home address, account number, ID card, telephone number, etc.).


Get ready to go abroad

As a rule, future employees organize their travel to the Netherlands on their own. There are many transport companies on the market. Their contact details are publicly available on the Internet. If you need more information on this, please ask our recruiter.

With the recruiter you will also schedule the date of your arrival to the Netherlands. We usually ask to arrange the transport so that you arrive at our office in Steenbergen (NL) in the morning. We can then deal on the same day with all administrative matters, such as signing a contract or obtaining a BSN number (equivalent to a social security number). Then an office worker will drive you to your accommodation and help you to move in.

In case you cannot come to the office during our opening hours, the recruiter will give you a temporary address of one of our residential locations. The next day we will bring you to the office to get acquainted and complete all formalities.

Houses and company flats are fully equipped. If you want to take your favorite mug, plate, pots etc with you then of course you can, but it's not necessary.

You will certainly need working shoes with a metal toe. Almost every client requires wearing such shoes during work. In the office in the Netherlands, we offer the possibility of buying such shoes, but we advise you to get them before leaving. In your home country, you can usually buy them at a better price. The price of safety shoes at Green Talent is €43.15. This fee is charged from your first payment.

Payments at Green Talent are transferred to the employees' personal bank accounts. To come to work, you must have such a personal bank account (on your own name). It is best if it is an account in Euro, then you will not pay any additional transaction costs for the currency conversion.

The account can be opened in a Dutch or other bank. If you are unable to open a foreign currency account in a bank in your own country, we recommend opening an account in a Revolut or Bunq online banks. Download the bank's application and follow the instructions displayed (they are available in English).


Your place of residence in the Netherlands

We have various types of accommodation, such as houses, apartments and hotels. The rooms are mostly double. Sometimes single rooms are available. We make sure that the kitchen is fully equipped in each location. There are also smart TV's and PlayStations in the houses. Our accommodations meet the housing standards for temporary workers. We are certified by SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen).

The planning department allocates the place of residence based on the location of the workplace and the availability of free places in the accmoodations. We make every effort to keep these distances as short as possible. We try to make changes as rarely as possible. Of course, it is possible to move at the employee's request.

If you have any location preferences, please let our recruiter know. We will take them into account when planning.

The standard cost of accommodation at Green Talent in 2024 is €125.00 per week.

When you want to end your cooperation with Green Talent and leave the accommodation permanently, you must deregister from the accommodation using the form on our website. There you have to enter the last day of your stay in the house. Click here to go to the form. Read this brochure to find out more.

Remember to send us your termination notice to [email protected] (the day of your departure will probably be different from your last day of work).

Also, clean your room and leave your pair of keys in the apartment. Throw it into a special key box, which is installed in the apartment. You can take the "sleeping kit" (pillow, pillowcases, quilt) you received when you moved into the house with you.

If you are going on holiday (up to 3 weeks inclusive), you do not need to fill out the form. All you have to do is inform the office about your vacation. A place in the apartment will be reserved for you. If you are going away for more than 3 weeks, please contact the office to determine the conditions of your departure and arrival at the accommodation.


Job offers in our office

We have many job offers, mainly in horticulture and agriculture. We can also find work for you in production, logistics and industry. Go to the Job offers subpage to find out more or contact us.

Your first day at work can be stressful, so there are a few things to think about the day before. Contact your driver and arrange exactly what time you will meet. You will receive his contact details, work address and start time in an e-mail the day before you start. If you have become a driver of a company car, plan your route to work carefully. Leave home early enough to arrive at least 15 minutes before the starting time.

Have an ID document ready and take it with you. In some companies, you need to identify yourself before starting work. Also make sure you have the right clothes, safety shoes, rubber boots, raincoat, etc.

Remember to get enough sleep! :) give yourself some time to get used to your new workplace and learn about the rules of the company. If you don't understand something, ask questions. Don't say "OK" until you are completely sure what to do. If you don't speak Dutch, don't worry. Companies that hire workers from abroad make sure that everyone receives instructions in their own language or in English.

Know that you can always count on Green Talent to help you! Contact us as soon as you feel the need to do so. Be sure to write down this number in your phone +31 167 - 74 50 22.


Employment contract for temporary workers

Green Talent works with a phase system prepared by NBBU. When you start working at Green Talent for the first time, you will receive a phase A contract. This is a type of contract for a fixed period of up to 52 worked weeks. Upon expiry of this contract, you will receive a phase B contract. You may receive this type of contract a maximum of 6 times for a total period of 3 years. You then sign a phase C contract. This is an indefinite term contract. Thanks to the phases system, you can work flexibly for a period of 4 years and then become employed permanently.

We will send the contract and other documents to be signed to the e-mail address provided by you. You sign the documents electronically, i.e. with a mouse on a computer or a finger on a tablet or phone. We can sign the contract when you arrive to the office in the Netherlands, so don't worry, the office staff will help you with everything.

In the content of the signed documents, you can find, among others, information such as: the period for which the contract will be concluded, employee and employer data, amount of remuneration, fees, etc. All documents are signed in Dutch and English (or Polish/Rumanian).

If you want to end your cooperation with Green Talent, please inform us about it, preferably in writing. All you need to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] and specify your last day of work and the reason for resignation. It's best if you tell us about it 2 weeks before you leave.

If you use company accommodation, leave it tidy. Clean your room and leave your pair of keys in the apartment. Throw it into a special key box, which is installed in the apartment. Remember to tell us your last day of stay in the accommodation by filling out the form on our website. Read the brochure to find out more.

Contact the office, if you were a company car driver, to arrange when, where and to whom to hand over the keys. Also, remember to give us back a clean car.

Some companies issue their employees with, for example, login chips, keys, cards, knives, secateurs, etc. If you have such items, remember to give them to your supervisor on the last day of work.

Health insurance and the insurance benefit are automatically stopped with the last week of your work.


This is how it works at Green Talent

Green Talent transfers every Friday the salary for the previous week. Dutch account holders receive their payment on the same day, while foregin account holders can expect the transfer on Mondays. So we will transfer your first paycheck on Friday in your second working week.

Please note that our settlements cover a calendar week, from Monday to Sunday. For example, if you start work on Wednesday, your first payment will apply to the days you worked from Wednesday to Sunday.

Yes. We make advance payments on Mondays or Wednesdays before your first salary is transferred. Advance payments are made at the request of the employee. Therefore, if you want to receive it, you must inform us about it, no later than 12:00 on the day of the advance payment. You can call +31 167 - 74 50 22 or write an e-mail to [email protected]. You can receive the advance payment at the earliest on your second day of work.

Payslips and annual statements are posted on our digital portal Payslips are made available on Fridays on the payday. Annual accounts for the previous year are usually available in the second half of January. You will receive the login and password for the portal upon signing the contract.

You can control the holiday allowance, i.e. holiday money and holiday hours, on your payslip. We pay out holiday money directly with each weekly salary. We will fill your vacation time with the accumulated holiday hours. Just remember to let us know when you want to pay out your holiday hours.

We will pay out all of your reserved vacation hours up to 5 weeks after your last working week.

How overtime is calculated depends on the sector in which you will work. In greenhouse, the hours worked over 38 are counted as 135% of your gross rate. In logistics, hours over 40 are usually paid as 125% of the rate, while in fruit horticulture, hours over 38 are usually paid as 108.25% of the rate, and hours over 48 are usually paid as 125%. Ask the recruiter what are the rules for settling overtime in the company you apply to.

In Green Talent, overtime is not put aside. This means we pay it out directly with our weekly salary.

Holidays are paid on the basis of the average number of worked hours over the past 13 weeks. If someone worked 40 hours for 13 weeks, he receives 8 paid hours for the holiday.
(40 hours x 13 weeks) / 5 working days / 13 weeks = 8 hours

If the number of hours worked was lower, or if you worked less than 13 weeks before the holiday, your payment for a public holiday will be lower.

For example, if you started working at Green Talent 9 weeks before a given holiday and worked 38 hours each week, then you will receive 5.26 paid hours for that holiday.
(38 hours x 9 weeks) / 5 working days / 13 weeks = 5.26 hours

Of course, it is quite rare that the number of hours worked is the same every week. If you want to find out how exactly your payment for the holiday was calculated, ask the office for a schedule of your hours and calculations.

Work on a public holiday is usually additionally remunerated. In the greenhouse, for example, in addition to the holiday payment due as described above, you will receive 150% of your houly rate for each hour worked. In some sectors, work on public holidays is paid as 125%.

Public holidays in 2024:

Name of the holiday


Day of the week

New Year's Day 2024



Easter 2024



Easter Monday 2024



King's Day 2024



Ascension Day 2024



Pentecost 2024



Pentecost Monday 2024



Christmas 2024



Second Christmas Day 2024



Bevrijdingsdag (5-05) - Only government employees are free on Liberation Day. In some industries, they enjoy a day off every 5 years. In the greenhouse, this day is always working.

Labor Day (1-05) in the Netherlands is not celebrated.

If in doubt whether the remuneration paid by Green Talent is correct, be sure to contact our office. The best way is to write us at [email protected].

Try to be specific about what raises your concerns. Is it the number of hours, fees charged, or something else? The office employee will check the payment slip and the transfers made. She will then contact you and answer your questions or, if necessary, let you know how the correction will be made.


Holiday is needed to recharge your batteries

Inform Green Talent and your employer about the planned vacation. Do it as soon as possible. Usually, employees agree on the vacation period directly with the team leader in the company they work in. However, the process is slightly different in each company. In some cases, you need to fill out a holiday application and submit it to your supervisor. If the vacation is approved, you will receive a signed application with a positive response. Otherwise, the employer will arrange a different holiday period with you.

Remember to submit your vacation dates to Green Talent. It's best to write us an e-mail to [email protected].

In some companies, you must first report your leave dates to Green Talent. We confirm it with the employer and then inform you if it is possible to go on vacation in the given period. To be sure, ask at the office about the holiday reporting process in the company where you will work.

Take into account to adhere to the set dates. Be back from vacation on time. Leave after the workday is over (unless you have agreed otherwise with your employer). In case of problems, please contact the office.

Yes, but the amount of the holiday allowance will depend on the reserves set aside.

The holiday allowance consists of holiday money and holiday hours. At Green Talent, we pay out holiday money weekly with every salary. The holiday hours, on the other hand, are put aside on the payslip. Holidays and days off are then filled with holiday hours.

If you work full time, 2 days (approximately 16 hours) will be reserved for you for vacation hours per month. In case you are on vacation and you do not have enough booked hours to receive a full payment, we will simply pay out as much as we can. The payment will then be incomplete.


You can't go to work because of illness, check what to do

You must report to us your absence at least 30 minutes before the starting time of your work. You can inform us by phone +31 167 - 745022 or by e-mail [email protected]. After receiving the notification, we pass the information on to your employer. Remember to be available by phone during your sick leave. Sometimes we want to provide you with important information, e.g. about visiting a doctor or setting a date for returning to work.

Do not report sickness to other known numbers or e-mail addresses of Green Talent employees. They are not always available, so the information about your absence may not reach us and your employer on time. Use only +31 167 - 745022 or [email protected].

Yes. Green Talent insures its employees by Holland Zorg. The cost of this insurance in 2024 is €35.59 per week. This amount is automatically deducted from your salary. Dutch law requires that everyone who is employed in this country must pay Dutch health insurance. For example, having a European insurance purchased in your home country does not exempt you from taking out insurance in the Netherlands.

We also provide support with applying for a Zorgtoeslag - an insurance supplement. When your salary is below €37,496 per year, you can receive maximum €127.00 per month from the Belastingdienst (the Dutch tax office) on your bank account. The requirement is that you must be employed and insured on the 1st of a given month.

Since 2021, Green Talent has been cooperating with Arene, an online medical clinic.

After three weeks of work, we enroll each new employee in this clinic. After a few days, Arene sends you an e-mail to activate your profile. All you have to do is download the Arene application (by Pharmeon BV) on your phone and register by following the steps displayed. We advise you to finalize your registration as soon as you receive the e-mail so that you can consult a doctor quickly if necessary.

Arene tries to provide medical advice via the Internet, but, if necessary, they directs patients to nearby medical clinics. The use of Arene andthe registration are covered by the basic health insurance package, there are no additional costs.

For more information, see the Arene website.

If you need to consult a doctor in the first 4 weeks of your stay, and the registration in Arene is not yet completed, Green Talent will of course help you to make an appointment by another doctor.


Report unwanted behaviour

Green Talent finds discrimination unacceptable and will work to promote equal opportunities and equal treatment for all applicants and employees. As a company, we believe it is important to provide an inclusive and equal working environment for all our employees. Discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, pregnancy, disabilities and other characteristics is unacceptable and is not in line with our core values.

Green Talent stands for a safe working environment where employees can report discrimination without fear of reprisal and where complaints are treated seriously and appropriately.

If you wish to report discrimination or file a complaint about discrimination, you can do so at [email protected]. Should you not feel comfortable reporting the complaint in writing, this can also be done verbally to Green Talent's relationship worker, a manager, a colleague or another person within the organization.

Green Talent feels responsible to create a working environment in which discrimination is not tolerated and in which employees feel supported to report discrimination.

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