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Help Ukraine

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The events of the past weeks in Ukraine have captured the attention of all of us. Our thoughts are focused on the entire Ukrainian population and all other victims of this war situation. As an Eastern European staffing agency, we feel closely connected to what is currently happening in Ukraine.

Green Talent has a recruitment office in the border town of Przemyśl. It's just a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border. Our colleagues in Przemyśl are themselves experiencing the harrowing consequences of the war in Ukraine. Thousands of war refugees arrive in Przemyśl every day and travel from there to other parts of Poland and Europe. Our colleague Jarek also gave shelter in his home in Przemyśl to refugees who needed it. Our colleague Tomasz and his wife help as volunteers at one of the humanitarian aid stations.

Financially, we support our office in Przemyśl in providing direct assistance to incoming refugees. To this end, we have made a budget available, which we use to purchase the necessary supplies and products needed by the refugees.

We also see many heartwarming initiatives emerging in our immediate surroundings in the Netherlands. As our (former) employee, do you need help in action for the war-affected people of Ukraine? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to consider how we can support you!