Green Talent 2022 Recap


Green Talent 2022 Recap

Green Talent can look back at 2022 with some great news facts.


In 2022, Green Talent had 1548 temporary workers working at 47 different hirers. This group of temporary workers consisted of 21 nationalities. Surely the biggest growing group within these nationalities was Ukrainians. We were able to help 86 Ukrainians find jobs this year.

We welcomed our 10,000th temporary worker this year in May. A fantastic milestone within Green Talent's more than 12.5 years of existence.

There are currently 69 temporary workers with permanent contracts working for Green Talent. Having a permanent contract was not common in the temping industry a few years ago, but we think this is a fine development. We like to offer the temporary workers security and in return we have permanent employees we can build on.


There were 136 Green Talent cars on the road this year. 418 different drivers used Green Talent's fleet of cars. Together, these drivers covered 2.5 million kilometres this year. That's 2000 car journeys converted from Steenbergen to Warsaw. Did you know that temporary workers also cycle to work? Green Talent has loaned 32 temps a bicycle this year. Kind of healthy and better for the environment!


In 2022, we managed 75 accommodations that accounted for 563 beds. 1318 temporary workers stayed in one of our accommodations. We offer all kinds of accommodation such as residential houses, flats, hotels and farms. In December of 2022, some great accommodations were added! As well in Steenbergen as in Hoek van Holland, a total of 24 new residential units have been placed where a total of 50 temporary workers can live. This within walking distance of their work.

Green Talent Experience

We launched the "Green Talent Experience" last summer. We would like our temporary employees to have a fun way to relax in their free time. We organize activities especially for temporary workers that allow them to get to know each other and the environment. Participation is FREE and the activity is accompanied by an office worker who speaks the language. We have currently organized 2 activities. We rode an e-choppertour in West Brabant and we went high altitude climbing in a Klimbos. A lot of fun new activities are planned for 2023. Will you join us next year?

We hope 2023 will be a great year for everyone!