Green Talent 10,000 employee!


Green Talent 10,000 employee!

Last week we were pleased to hire our 10,000th employee at Green Talent. A fantastic achievement!

Green Talent was founded in 2009 and at the time employed 50 temporary workers. At the time, Green Talent was run by 4 (office) employees.

During these 13 years we have learned and experienced a lot and had the privilege of meeting interesting people.

Currently, Green Talent has 5 temporary employees with whom we started working in 2009. In addition, of the 4 office workers from 2009.

Two are still working in the office, and one is affiliated with Green Talent working directly with one of our clients. So we are honored to continue working with these loyal employees.

We look forward to the coming years and hope to multiply this success in the future!