Traditions in the Netherlands

Carnival in the Netherlands runs from Friday, February 25 to Tuesday, March 1. It is celebrated on a large scale, especially in the provinces of North Brabant and Limburg. Carnival was originally celebrated as the beginning of Catholic Lent. Carnival is a tradition that many Dutch follow, with 5 days of festivities every year in bars, cafes and party halls. It is a holiday where you can sin one last time before Lent and behave spontaneously and effusively towards each other.

Each city has its own customs, costumes, attractions, music and other carnival traditions. Thus, carnivals may vary from city to city, but they occur in every city:

Carnival parade

During one of the Carnival days, a Carnival parade is held in the city. This is often the main attraction of Carnival. A colorful procession with platforms, musical groups and other characters passes through the center. Political themes, celebrities and other current affairs are mocked. The carnival motto is often a guideline for participating groups. A jury awards prizes to the most entertaining or most beautiful participants.

Prins carnaval (Carnival Prince)

Prins carnaval is the most important figure of the city during Carnival. During Carnival he takes over the keys to the city from the mayor. Often he does not do it alone, but is supported by, for example, the council of farmers and the court jester. The prince is wearing a striking costume.

Carnival motto

Each year a Carnival motto is announced for each city. This is a phrase or word that will be key throughout Carnival. Clothing is tailored to it, and attractions relate to this particular theme. An arrangement of some musical piece with words referring to the motto is also created.

Number 11

11 is known as the "crazy number." The entire Carnival revolves around this number. Some attractions start at 11:11 a.m., and the farmers' council often consists of 11 people. The Carnival season also officially opens on November 11. Between 11-11 and Carnival, all kinds of pre-Carnival attractions take place.

Ash Wednesday

Tuesday is the last day of Carnival celebrations. On Ash Wednesday, people gather once again for Dutch herring. Dutch herring is eating raw herring, without the head, with finely chopped onions.

Green Talent wishes everyone a happy carnival!