Green Talent World Cup 2022


Green Talent World Cup 2022


We set up a prediction game for the 2022 World Cup for all Green Talent employees.

A total of 35 employees competed to become Green Talent's best football predictor. You could win some really cool prizes through this!

1st place: 4 tickets to an amusement park of your choice in the Netherlands
2nd place: 2 tickets to an amusement park of your choice in the Netherlands
3rd place (consolidation prize): a beer package

Last month it was incredibly exciting! It was a true battle, several people were regularly competing for the first place.

The winners are:

Vasco – 4353 points
Works at Pantos SVC in Tilburg. He received 4 amusement park tickets!

Sebastian – 4339 points 
Works at 4Evergreen in Westland. He received 2 amusement park tickets!

Iasmin – 4254 points
Works at Pantos in Breda. He received the beer package. Enjoy!

Congratulations to all of you!